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Welcome To Ellsworth supplies
Welcome To Ellsworth supplies

KN95-CE/FDA Double Certified (Pack of 6)


Very Limited Supplies! 

Join the movement to put certified medical masks on every CA health care worker. 100% of the proceeds from our medical mask sale will go toward donations of medical masks for CA health care workers. PREVENTION IS BETTER THAN INTERVENTION. #masktogether

The Dr. Mfyan KN95 Three-Dimensional Protective Mask Particulate Respirator can effectively defend against various particles in the air including PM2.5 dust and bacteria / virus / Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19). The elastic ear-loops are easy to use and provide all day comfort.  The KN95 mask has an adjustable nose bar that helps to ensure a tight fit for maximum filtration efficiency. The Respirator is made of electrostatic meltblown cloth, pp spunbond non-woven cloth, electrostatic filter cotton.  This combination of high quality filtration materials allows this mask to be used in the toughest hospital and working conditions.   These KN95 Masks are constructed with a four-layer filtration system of nonwoven soft a d breathable fiber for effective protection.  In addition, the KN95 grade anti- particulate matter filtering technology mated with an advanced antibacterial environmental protection fabric creates an ideal barrier against infection from Virus and other Bacterial vectors.  The masks come individually wrapped in a single size that fits most faces. They are non-toxic, odorless, non-irritating, contain no dyes and are hypoallergenic and gentle on the skin. These disposable masks should be replaced daily for best hygiene.

Product Construction 

(1) White non-woven fabric surface layer: block air pollution particles from entering.

(2) Ultrafine melt-blown filter paper layer effectively prevents PM2.5 particles from entering.

(3) Antibacterial layer: block air pollution particles from entering and prevent foreign bacteria from spreading their own bacteria.

(4) Non-woven fabric layer: Non-woven fabric layer, complete filtering.

With CE & FDA Certification

  • 100% FDA & CE approved,
  • 95% Filtration, 
  • Highest Quality Respiratory Protection, 
  • 3D dimensional structure design, Highest 
  • Quality Filter Membrane 4-layers: Electrostatic filter material, High filtration capacity, 
  • One size fits most, 

 Recommended Storage Conditions: unopened products are stored in a temperature range of -20'C to 30'C and a relative humidity or less than 80%.

All mask sales are final. No return or exchange of face masks.