About Ellsworth

Ellsworth Supplies is a local specialty medical and health supply company located in the Bay Area (Fremont, California). 

We are a local Northern California business owned and operated by a team of diverse and talented ladies since 2004.

We strongly believe in giving back to our communities that support us and specialize in providing the highest quality personal health supplies at the best prices available!

Join us in the #masktogether movement!  Ellsworth Supplies has been giving back to the community for over a decade.  We have strong affiliations with many local nonprofit organizations in the San Francisco Bay Area where we are located.  

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89 reviews
We love Ellsworth linen masks

We love Ellsworth linen masks and their PM 2.5 filters. Very comfortable. Very easy to keep clean. Very safe. We get asked all the time in NYC “Where did you get your masks?!"

Very good masks

This is my third order of these masks. Shipping was very fast. The masks fit well and are quite comfortable. I always use one when I need to be in an indoor space where other people are present - like the grocery store or pharmacy, I wear a cloth mask on top of the KN95 for some extra protection - works very well.

Ellsworth masks

Folkways customers love Ellsworth masks - they are breatheable, comfortable, fully adjustable and fit well. As a boutique owner, I wear them every day I am working in the store. We wholeheartedly recommend them!

Total comfort

These masks are so comfortable. They aren’t hot and I don’t feel like I am suffocating with it on. They are light weight even with the filter and they look great.

Great, lightweight mask

I love these masks as they make it easy to breathe. The fit is great as well.